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Why Choose iAsk Pro?

iAsk Pro achieved the first-ever superhuman performance of 93.89% on the gold-standard MMLU and 84.65% on the brand new MMLU Pro benchmark test, which rigorously measures the accuracy of various Al models.  Not only did we outperform the previous best score (GPT-4o) by 12 percentage points, we also exceeded the score that represents Expert AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). This means our accuracy surpasses the top 10% of human experts, on average, in every subject/task which was measured.

Chart of Question Answering on MMLU Pro with iAsk Pro at 84.65%

iAsk Pro also scores the highest* on the TruthfulQA benchmark, consistently delivering the most accurate and factual results in an instant.

Chart of Question Answering on TruthfulQA with iAsk Pro at 90.1%
*iAsk.Ai Pro achieves 90.1% accuracy on the TruthfulQA benchmark, compared to GPT-4 at 59%.