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How Does TapTapSee Work?

TapTapSee Overview: TapTapSee is an iOS app developed by Net Ideas, LLC that assists users with visual impairments in identifying objects through pictures taken with their device’s camera. The app uses a simple interface with only three buttons: “Repeat,” “About,” and “Take Picture.”

Taking Pictures and Uploading: To identify an object, users aim their iPhone’s camera at the item they want to recognize and double-tap the screen to take a picture. The photo is then automatically uploaded to the company’s servers for processing.

Recognition Process: Once the image is uploaded, TapTapSee compares it against an extensive image database using a combination of automated recognition algorithms and human staff to provide accurate matches. When a match is found, VoiceOver announces the name of the identified item.

Results and Feedback: The app provides swift and accurate results for most objects, including branded items like cans, boxes, DVDs, CDs, books, and even non-labeled items such as houses or clothing. Users can take multiple pictures before receiving results and can repeat the identification if needed.

Additional Features:

  • Auto-Focus Sound: TapTapSee offers an option to enable an auto-focus sound that alerts users when the camera is in focus for optimal picture taking.
  • Library and Share Functions: A recent update introduced new features like accessing a photo stream through the “Library” button and sharing identified images via email or social networks using the “Share” button.

Conclusion: TapTapSee stands out for its simplicity, ease of use, accuracy in object identification, and its value for individuals with vision loss who rely on VoiceOver. The app’s combination of image recognition technology and human assistance makes it a valuable tool for quickly identifying various objects in different settings.

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  1. AccessWorld Review: This source provided detailed insights into how TapTapSee works, its features, user experience, accuracy in object identification, and comparisons with other similar apps. It offered practical information on using the app effectively.

  2. Net Ideas, LLC (Developer): Information from the developer’s official documentation or website was crucial in understanding the technical aspects of TapTapSee, including its functionality, updates, additional features like auto-focus sound, library access, and sharing options.

  3. User Experience Feedback: User reviews and feedback on platforms like app stores or forums were considered to gauge real-world experiences with TapTapSee. These insights helped validate the app’s performance and usability from actual users’ perspectives.