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What Has 13 Hearts but No Other Organs?

To solve this riddle, we need to break down the clues provided:

  1. 13 Hearts: The subject of the riddle must contain exactly 13 hearts.
  2. No Other Organs: The subject must not have any other organs apart from these 13 hearts.

Given these two criteria, let’s consider various possibilities:

Biological Entities

  • Humans and Animals: These have multiple organs including a heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. Therefore, they do not fit the criteria as they have more than just hearts.

Inanimate Objects

  • Machines and Devices: Machines like engines or pumps might be metaphorically referred to as having “hearts” (e.g., the engine being the “heart” of a car), but they also contain numerous other components and thus do not fit the criteria.

Conceptual Entities

  • Metaphorical or Symbolic Representations: Here we delve into objects that might symbolically represent hearts without literally being biological organs.

The most fitting answer is a deck of playing cards. Here’s why:

  1. A Deck of Playing Cards:
    • A standard deck of playing cards contains four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.
    • Each suit has 13 cards (Ace through King).
    • Therefore, there are exactly 13 cards in the suit of hearts within a deck of playing cards.
    • Playing cards do not have any other “organs” or parts that could be considered analogous to biological organs.

Thus, based on logical deduction and elimination of other possibilities:

A deck of playing cards

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used in Answering this Question

  1. Bicycle Cards

    • Description: Bicycle Cards is one of the most well-known brands for playing cards globally. Their website provides detailed information about the composition and structure of a standard deck of playing cards.
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica

    • Description: Encyclopedia Britannica offers comprehensive articles on various topics including games and recreational activities such as card games. It provides authoritative information on the history and structure of playing cards.
  3. Hoyle’s Rules of Games

    • Description: Hoyle’s Rules of Games is a classic reference book that details rules for various card games and includes information about standard decks used in these games.